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Birkbeck is different: classes are held in the evening between 6pm and 9pm, so you can work, volunteer or do your own thing during the day.

Record numbers of students are doing just that and using their evenings to transform their lives.

Most of our courses are taught on our main Bloomsbury campus, but we also offer programmes in Stratford, east London.

Birkbeck has been running courses in Stratford for 10 years and our state-of-the-art campus, University Square Stratford, lets us bring Birkbeck’s unique model of evening study closer to people who live and work in east London.

We are proud of being one of the world’s top research universities and part of the prestigious University of London. That’s important, but what makes us really special is our unique evening teaching and the opportunities this provides for combining study with work and other commitments. This focused way of learning attracts a special type of student: someone dedicated to their studies and determined to improve themselves. That’s why studying at Birkbeck is both intense and enjoyable – and why it transforms people’s lives.