We are changing things.

We are So Energy, a fast-growing 100% renewable energy supplier in the UK.

We’ve tripled our customer base in the last seven months and we’re the leading energy supplier for customer service.

We’ve won a host of awards including the 2018 Moneyfacts Energy Provider of the Year award and, since 2017, have been recognised by Citizens Advice as one of the top ranked suppliers.

We’re the first energy company to offer customers the ability to choose where we source our renewable electricity from, we’re the first to offer a Low Price Commitment, we’re one of the first to sign up to the Energy Switch Guarantee and we’re the first to offer customers the ability to pay their bills by a seasonal Direct Debit.

At So Energy we’re all about championing the consumer.

Yes, we’re an energy supplier, but what we stand for is simplicity and value for money.

We’re a diverse and ambitious bunch, always trying to innovate and improve, and we’re very proud of that.

We think this helps us understand our customers better and will benefit us in finding new improvements to the way things are done.