Our mission is to build homes, independence and aspirations.

We are a market leader and one of the biggest housing associations in the world.

We are also one of the UK’s largest developers of new homes and providers of houses for affordable rent. We also provide long term integrated housing, health and social care and a world class service for all of our customers.

We make a difference by understanding where our customers are in their life and putting them at the heart of what we do.

And, we are a little bit different to most. We are a unique combination of energised, commercial, creative and caring. We understand how the world works and our role in making it a better place.

To deliver our mission, we are focused and digital. We’re setting ourselves even bigger goals, and taking control of our own destiny.

Our strategy has four clear goals.

1) To build 10,000 new homes

2) To be market leaders in long term property based care.

3) To provide 90% of our customer services digitally.

4) To be 20% more efficient.

And we will do all of this with the support of brilliant people.

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